We work very hard to ensure the websites we build and manage are as secure as possible.

We instal the best security firewalls and monitoring systems, and also take and test backups that we can use if a site were to be hacked. We also use the best hosting companies so that our websites get the additional security that they provide.

We monitor our sites and receive daily reports. From these reports we also apply geographical blocking from countries where we can identify a security attack. Unfortunately, the spammers and hackers don't use a single computer in their country to launch their attacks. They use a collection of compromised computers around the world. They can launch a spam/hack operation from different countries, even the UK. They also never use their real IP address to attack.

To date, we have a good track record on security. We do tell our clients that allthough we do the best we can, we cannot be responsible if a website is hacked. If this does occur, we will do our best to reinstate a website as quickly as possible from the backups we hold.

If you have any questions or concerns about web security please give us a call.